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Tip: Gratuity Calculator

When spending time with friends and family, figuring out the tip shouldn’t be so hard. With a simple, modern design, easily calculate the tip by just entering the bill amount and toggle between gratuity amounts that best match the quality of service provided.

Spend less time doing math, and more time enjoying each others' company.

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Tip App - Calculate the Tip


Enter your bill total, then select from four pre-defined gratuity levels to calculate your total.

Tip App - Split the Bill


Easily split the bill with up to 12 friends.

Tip App - Share with Friends


Text your friends their responsibility of the bill with the tap of a button.

About This Project

Since the launch of the App Store in 2008, I have been designing mobile apps, and finally decided to build one myself. I wanted to build something fun to use, relatively simple in nature but have enough utility to provide value to somone using it.

This tip calculator is the first app in a larger side-project that focuses on providing small, simple apps that are fun to use and enhance social interactions without distracting from them.

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